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Welcome to NMCB Eighteen's SCW website. This site has been created to assist in the management of the SCW program within NMCB 18. In order to gain access you will need to request access by clicking the "Create New Account" button, fill out a New User Request and submit for access approval. This request will be sent out to the SCW Coordinator for access to the website. Once you have gained access to the SCWS website you will be able to download SCW training material, references and the SCWS instructions. Upon completion of your PQS requirements the SCW website will administer your 100 question test. Once your test has been passed the SCW coordinator will assign you a SCW board package SCW board package in which you will download from the SCW website. So please remember your password.

Thank You and Good Luck
The SCWs Team

What's New...

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  • January 28, 2019

    The new NMCB 18 SCW & EXW Program Administrator is UTC(SCW/EXW) Eric Luiz. All detachment coordinators are encouraged to contact Chief Luiz directly with any questions or help they may need.